Elephant Family

Elephant Family is a small non-profit organization based in the UK that have made it their mission to protect Asian elephants.  They are a motley little crew of conservationists, fundraisers, and campaigners but their love for Asian elephants and wildlife in general brings them together and drives the work they do.

Small but mighty.  Elephant Family may by a small organization, but they are clearly mighty.   They are UK's largest funder of Asian elephants. From on the ground projects to running campaigns to organizing events, they work to save the Asian elephants by working actively with other non-profits, local communities, and business to reduce human/elephant conflicts, secure important wildlife corridors, improve the welfare of elephants in captivity, and educate the world about the plight of Asian Elephants.

When Aria insisted she wanted to save the elephants, her mom knew that she had visions of swooping in with her superhero cape and quickly putting an end to the problem.  Unfortunately, reality is far more complex than that.  After explaining to Aria that the problem could not be resolved in one night, but that there are real life heroes who work hard every day to protect the elephants, it didn't take long for Aria to decide that she should support these everyday heroes. And so the hunt began to find the right organization.  Aria's mom stumbled upon Elephant Family and immediately knew that she had found the one.  Elephant Family is small but mighty, creative and passionate, determined and focused...they have the qualities necessary to lead social change.  Please help us support this great organization!

Visit Elephant Family's webpage and Facebook page for more in-depth information about the great work they are doing.

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