Aria Jae

Aria Jae Pearce is just an average 4 year old kid.  She loves painting, singing, dancing, and hanging out with her best buds, Max and Stella.  She is terribly frightened of the monsters that might be looming in the bathroom or pretty much any room that mom doesn't currently occupy. She loves dress up and takes her costuming very seriously, sometimes taking on the costumed persona for months.  Her mom would say that she is super smart, super intense, super curious, super passionate, and super silly. 

When Aria heard that her favorite animal was in trouble she immediately asked her mom what they could do to help.  Aria is quite the little artist.  She is also quite observant.  Combining her love of art with her love for the elephants, Aria decided that she could design elephant cards to sell to raise money.

Mom thought this was an incredible idea but she also thought that maybe Tansy Dolls could help Aria realize her dream of helping the elephants.  After discussing with Cady and Lesley, they collectively decided they would host Aria's fundraiser and donate a 10" Blossom doll.  It didn't take Mom too long to realize that there was a whole handmade community out there that might be willing to help a little girl raise some money to save her elephants. 

Ever since Aria decided to raise money for the elephants she has taken to calling herself the "Elephant Saver."  Its now her official job and she takes it very seriously. 

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