Info for Bidders

PLEASE read and make sure you understand how this works.  Email us at if you still have questions. Remember we are all here to raise money for the Elephant Family and to show a little girl that you can make a difference in the world simply by caring and taking action.  Let's keep this fun.  

With the exception of a few items, most items will be listed as traditional auction items.

If you are interested in bidding, please go to hyenacart and sign up for a free account.  We've decided that having it there will cut back on confusion and streamline the process.  

Also please note that we have decided that while we can offer free first class shipping in the US, if you would like priority shipping or if you are located outside the US, we'll need to add 3.00 for the first item, and 1.00 for every additional item you purchase.  This is largely due to postage cost increases that occurred this year.  We are sorry for any inconvenience, but hope that the small additional fee for shipping priority or shipping outside the US does not stop you from joining the fun. 


  1. Aria this is such a good idea!

    I can't wait to bid on some great elephanty crafts and I would love to know where I can see the photos of the items - are they going to be on this website or somewhere else?

    Rachel (Cornwall)

    1. They will be on this website when it comes time for bidding. I do post some pics throughout the blog entries when I receive them but until then, you can see them in this album.
      I need to update it though. We've received some super neat items in the last few weeks. :) ~Robin (AKA Aria's Mom)


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