Tansy Dolls

(L-R: Robin, Cady, Lesley)
We're friends.  We're mommas.  We're artists and crafters.  We're Cady, Robin, and Lesley.  

We met each other when our little ones were about a year old.  We bonded over motherhood and coffee, playdates and artwork.  We started helping each other find some time when our children need so much of us.  We began building, building, building a strong momma-driven community.

A little less than a year ago we became excited about combining our talents to work together to produce handcrafted lovelies for children to snuggle with and adore.  And that SPARK of excitement, of creativity, of holding onto the joy of building beauty with our hands & minds is what led to the creation of Tansy Dolls.

Tansy dolls are made with love and special attention to detail.  Our dolls are made from the finest imported European cotton interlock and tightly stuffed with over a pound of clean carded wool.  Their cute faces are embroidered with love and cotton thread and their cheeks are blushed with colored beeswax.  Their hair is made from a mix of wool and mohair with special hand spun and dyed locks.

Tansy Dolls also celebrates the beauty of diversity.  We are happy to add freckles, scars, and birthmarks free of charge.  Just contact us about the details.

Every Tansy doll is handmade with care and is unique in its own beauty.  Our dolls come with a sparkle in their eyes!  Each one comes with a special outfit, undies, shoes, birth certificate, and birthday crown and matching crown for your little one.

Please visit our Blog, Store, and Facebook page to learn more about us and our dolls!  <3

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