6. Once you've shipped your item to us, what else should you do?

We ask that you promote the fundraiser on your Facebook page or whatever social media you use.  The fundraiser will run for roughly 1.5 weeks, so it would be nice if you could promote it at least 2 times in those 10 days.  You are of course welcome to promote it more frequently.  We will send you an email 2-3 days before the fundraiser starts to remind you.

Sit back and pat yourself on the back for contributing to such a great cause.  We will put together a little graphic to announce the total amount we raised.  We will share it on our blog and Facebook page.  Feel free to use that graphic to let the world know that you too are an “Elephant Saver!”   

Please note that if your item is not purchased, we cannot afford to ship items back.  This auction is to raise funds.  We are not taking a percentage which means it could be costly for us to ship items back to vendors.  

However, in the unusual event that your item is not purchased, you may pay the shipping fee and request that the item be returned to you. 

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