2. What sort of items are we looking for?

We are looking for elephant themed items.  1) We think that it would be fun to have an auction full of elephant themed items.  2) Its a good way to remind everyone what this fundraiser is all about...saving the elephants.  

Aria is going to design elephant cards and prints to sell.  Tansy Dolls is donating a 10” doll in a special elephant dress.  Robin (Aria’s mom) is making a few elephant stuffies.  Cady is making crocheted and felted elephants.  The sky's the limit as far as what you'd like to donate.  We're willing to accept clothing, house goods, toys, jewelry and other accessories, bags, etc...as well as goods intended for adults, children, or pets.  We do ask that all donations be family friendly.

So what if you don't make anything elephant themed?  If you are interested in donating, give some thought to whether you can easily make something elephant themed.  If you make clothing, maybe add a cute elephant patch or applique.  If you make jewelry, we've seen some adorable elephant clasps.  If you're an artist, consider drawing a sweet elephant.  If you make soaps or candles, maybe create something with a snazzy elephant inspired name. We think you could be pretty creative and come up with something wonderful to fit the theme.

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