1. Why should you donate an item to Aria Jae's Elephant Fundraiser?

One because its for an excellent cause.  Asian elephants are majestic creatures but they are facing extinction unless we do something. 

Two, because it’s the brainchild of little 4 year old who believes she can change the world simply by caring and taking action. 

But we’re business owners too so we know that as much as we all want to take part in great causes sometimes we need a little incentive to get involved. This is a fundraiser so we won’t be requiring folks to like every single vendor on Facebook.  That would limit the potential number of folks who would be willing and able to bid on items.  Not everybody has a Facebook page and we don’t want this to be about generating likes.  This is about raising funds for the Elephant Family.  However, we will ask that bidders like the vendors’ pages out of respect and thanks for the awesome contributions they have made.  We will also add your badge (photo link) to the Elephant Savers list on the side of the blog.  If you don't know how to make one, we can make one for you.  In addition, we do plan on promoting this fundraiser and all the vendors who donate items.  If you donate an item, every single time we promote the fundraiser and a person goes to visit the auction page, he/she will see your shop’s name.  In addition, at least once during the fundraiser, we will promote your shop on Facebook.  If you look at the Tansy Dolls Facebook page now, you will see that we like promoting other handmade shops even when there isn't a specific reason to do so.  We also plan on contacting several organizations with far greater fan bases than ours and asking them to promote the fundraiser as well.

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